Call Settings

When you log in to Amplicare and go to Settings > Campaign Settings, you are able to set a preferred caller ID number under Caller ID and record your own FCC disclaimer message for all of your calls under Recording Info.

Record FCC disclaimer

By recording your own FCC disclaimer introduction message, you can make your phone call campaigns even more personable and improve call success rates! Your patients will hear your voice rather than a generic machine-made recording, and will be more inclined to continue listening to the call.

Adding your own recording to the beginning of your calls is an optional feature. It will be implemented for every call that will be sent out to your patients through Amplicare. FCC regulations require automatic calls state the pharmacy name and phone number at the start of each message, so the recording should be very brief, only stating "This is a call from {{pharmacy_name}} at {{pharmacy_phone}}." If you choose not to record an introduction in your own voice, we take care of this step for you. Just select “Introduction Recording” to have the default message play.

Follow the instructions after clicking Record New Message. Then, select the message you recorded to use as the introduction for every scheduled call.

Once the introductory message is selected in your Call Settings, it will automatically be included at the beginning of all scheduled calls, including specific campaigns. You should never need to use this as the recording for specific campaigns.

Confirm caller ID

By default, your pharmacy’s general phone number should be the caller ID number. If you want your patients to call you back at a different number, this setting allows you to provide a new phone number. This is a good option to consider, especially if you get really busy,  as you’ll have a designated line to respond to your patients if they have any questions regarding the call they received. 

If you don’t have a caller ID number listed, you will need to confirm one before you set the campaign live.

Record voice message

Now, it’s time to record messages for your automated campaigns! Follow these simple instructions to get started. 

Decide on the call campaigns to activate

Once you have finished recording your messages, you’re ready to set your call campaigns live! We recommend activating all auto-campaigns, but if your pharmacy has never used automated calls before, it’s helpful to ease into it by first just activating one auto-campaign.  

When you go to Campaigns > Create New Campaign, you will see four options for automated campaigns. This is how we recommend you prioritize them:

1. Clinical Refill Reminders

Make sure your patients get their refills. This campaign will call patients who have not filled their medications in more than two days with a reminder to pick them up at your pharmacy.

2. Happy Birthday

This campaign will call patients on their birthdays. Show them you are thinking about them by sending a quick message wishing them a happy birthday!

3. First Fill Customers

This campaign is targeted to patients who fill at your pharmacy for the first time. Set up this campaign to welcome your new patients to your pharmacy and boost customer loyalty. 

4. Slipping Away

This campaign will call patients who have not filled at your pharmacy in four to six months. Every patient matters! Set up this campaign to engage with your patients and make sure they do not slip away. 

Check out these sample scripts if you need some ideas on what to say in your messages.

What’s Next?

Now you’re ready to schedule your automated campaigns! Learn more about best practices to ensure the campaigns are successful.

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