1) Confirm caller ID

Log in to Amplicare and go to Settings > Campaign Settings. 

Click the "Caller ID" tab to confirm/update the number that patients will see as the caller ID if they receive a phone call scheduled from Amplicare Connect. By default the caller ID will be the pharmacy phone number that Amplicare has on record for your store. 

If you want your patients to call you back at a different number, this setting allows you to do so. Consider this option if you have a designated line / person for handling all patient call-backs that's not your pharmacy's general phone number. 

[Optional] Record FCC disclaimer

FCC regulations require automated calls state the pharmacy name and phone number at some point during the message. By default, Amplicare will include a short message in a robotic voice at the end of each voice message for all automated calls to ensure your pharmacy will not be liable. By recording your own FCC disclaimer message, you can make your phone call campaigns even more personable! Your patients will hear your voice rather than a generic machine-made recording.

Because the FCC disclaimer recording is at the end of the call, it's not necessary that you record your own. If you choose to do so, it should be very brief, only stating "This is a call from {{pharmacy_name}} at {{pharmacy_phone}}." 

2) Record voice messages 

Now, it’s time to record messages for your campaigns! Follow these simple instructions to get started. 

Decide on the automated campaigns to activate

Once you have finished recording your messages, you’re ready to set your call campaigns live! We recommend activating all auto-campaigns, but if your pharmacy has never used automated calls before, it’s helpful to ease into it by first just activating one auto-campaign.  

When you go to Campaigns > Create New Campaign, you will see four options for automated campaigns. This is how we recommend you prioritize them:

1. Clinical Refill Reminders

2. Happy Birthday

3. First Fill Customers

4. Slipping Away

Learn more about automated campaigns. 

3) Install Amplicare Assist 

The purpose of Refill Reminder calls is to have patients call your pharmacy back to have their medications filled, so when they do, you need to be prepared. Workstations that have Amplicare Assist installed will allow your staff to efficiently handle patient call-backs. 

Pharmacy staff will just need to click the Assist icon on the taskbar and then click "Call History". This will take them directly to your Message History (no log in needed!), where they can search the patient's name and understand why they were called in seconds. 

What’s Next?

Now you’re ready to schedule your automated campaigns

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