Schedule a call campaign using a personalized voice recording to efficiently engage with your newly and upcoming eligible Medicare patients.

Here's how:

Record your voice message

Go to "Settings" ==> "Campaign Settings" ==> "Manage Recordings"

"Add Recording"

Follow the instructions on screen to record the voice message (follow the link to view our sample scripts for inspiration).

The recording will automatically appear after ~10 seconds. The default name will be a timestamp, so be sure to "Edit" the name of the recording appropriately.

Select your newly eligible Medicare patients to reach out to

Go to "Opportunities" and select the "Newly Eligible" report from the "Worklist" dropdown

Select an opportunity then "Select all" ==> "Schedule Campaign" 

Schedule the campaign!

  • Name the campaign appropriately

  • Select when you want the calls to start being sent

  • Specify the number of calls sent per day (expect patient call-backs, so don't overwhelm the pharmacy staff) 

  • Enter text message content -- this is optional, but we highly recommend it, as generally text messages are more effective than phone calls.

Select the appropriate voice recording from the dropdown and "Schedule" the calls!

Track the status of the calls

To check what patients have been called, go to "Campaigns" ==> "Message History" 

What's Next?

To better understand the Message History page, check out this article!

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