We’ve switched up a few things across different products on our platform. Here’s a look at the latest updates you should know:

Amplicare Restore

  • Our most exciting product update is that we’ve identified brand new opportunities to help you diversify your revenue streams, with the Ananda CBD Report. You’ll be notified of these CBD intervention opportunities right in your pharmacy system with Amplicare Assist so you can address them as part of your daily workflow.

  • The Birthday OTC Promo Report has improved criteria! Opportunities in this report will only be generated if the patient is at least 20 years old.

Amplicare Assist

1. Streamlined notifications in your pharmacy system now have additional options for customization. You must have the latest version of Assist installed in order to utilize these updates: 

  • You can choose where notifications will be displayed on the screen.

  • You can adjust the time limit for how long a notification is displayed. 

2. The notification criteria has been improved using a complex algorithm. The opportunities you see will always be high priority based on their likelihood to be successfully completed. This reduces the noise for your busy pharmacy staff, so you can focus on the low-hanging fruit and maximize your impact. If you've noticed fewer notifications in your PMS recently, this is why! 

Significant improvements to Assist are currently in the works, and we’re looking to obtain as much customer feedback as possible before they go live. Send us a chat if you’re interested in providing feedback! 

Amplicare Impact

  • New Performance reports were released, which provide you with an analysis and general overview on important store performance metrics and what you need to do to improve.

Amplicare Connect 

  • A new “Manage Campaigns”  page was released for an improved overview of your call history and an improved experience. 

  • Additional safeguards in place as part of the universal call rules to prevent patients from being called too often.  

Amplicare Match (iMedicare)

  • Improved Admin Panel for a more useful overview of your store’s plan comparison usage.


  • Improved opportunities management. In all Amplicare reports there is a “Completed” section for opportunities that no longer need to be reviewed or followed up on. Opportunities can be auto-detected as completed, in which case they will automatically move into the “Completed” section. We’ll auto-complete the following types of opportunities:

  1. Gap Therapy Statin opportunities if the patient fills a statin

  2. Gap Therapy ACE/ARB opportunities if the patient fills an ACE/ARB 

  3. Low Adherence opportunities if the patient is detected to be enrolled in Med Sync

  4. Naloxone opportunities if the patient fills naloxone

  • Improved Resources management. Our Resources section is now categorized by Marketing, Industry Education, and User Guides. Each of these sections is further broken down by product to help you navigate to the resource that will be most useful to your needs.

What's Next?

Want to learn more but not sure where to start? Schedule a personal training with a member of our Customer Success team! 

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