Why CBD?

Patient interest in CBD as a natural complement, or alternative, to medication is growing rapidly. Its anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties, with an excellent safety profile to boot, makes this hemp extract ideal to aid in the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, depression, chronic pain, and migraines.

Why Ananda?

Ananda Professional is a high-quality CBD oil product line, exclusively tailored to the needs of independent pharmacies. This line comes in differing forms of delivery and varying strengths so pharmacists can customize treatment plans for each patient. 

How it works

Your Ananda CBD report identifies patients who have filled medications for the conditions mentioned above. Read more about the complete list of drugs that will trigger an Ananda CBD opportunity. 

Access the Ananda CBD report by going to the Worklist dropdown box under Opportunities in the Amplicare menu bar. 

Click on any patient opportunity to see the most recently filled drug that triggered the opportunity, when the patient last filled for the drug, and when the next fill is estimated to occur.

From here you can print an educational handout or letter for the patient to inform them about the benefits of CBD therapy and their options at the pharmacy. For a personal touch, customize this printout to include a coupon, which you can edit to suit your pharmacy.  

Patients who have filled opioid medications recently will see additional information about the potential for CBD to help reduce dependence on pain medication.

Any patients you print a handout or letter for will be moved off of your "Review" list and into the "Printed" tab. They will reappear in the Review tab after 30 days if the opportunity has not been marked as complete by then. You'll see these tabs at the top of the Ananda CBD report. 

Be sure to complete the opportunity manually to remove a patient from the Review list after you've reached out to them. 

Workflow best practices

Amplicare Assist

If your pharmacy system is compatible with Assist, you'll see an Ananda CBD recommendation for a patient who qualifies for a CBD opportunity when filling in your pharmacy software. Be sure the most up-to-date version of Assist is downloaded on each workstation and CBD Interventions are active in your Assist settings

Simply click this notification to be taken directly to the patient's educational handout in Amplicare. Print this handout to distribute to the patient when they come in to pick up their medications. It's always more effective to consult with the patient personally to explain why you're suggesting CBD for their situation in addition to providing the educational handout. 

For more CBD intervention best practices, reach out to an Ananda representative.

Engagement campaign

Select all Ananda CBD opportunities and print letters in bulk to mail out. If you're subscribed to Amplicare Connect, schedule calls and texts to efficiently inform patients of their CBD treatment options at the pharmacy.

Tip: This report is automatically sorted by Total Billings, so you can prioritize outreach to your most loyal patients if you don't want to reach out to all at once.  

Without Amplicare Assist

If you're not compatible with Assist, keep the Ananda CBD report open on each pharmacy computer. When a patient comes in to pick up their medications: 

  1. Type their name into the search bar at the top of the Ananda CBD report. 

  2. Click the patient's opportunity and click Print Handout. 

  3. Include the handout with the patient's medications and consult with them on the benefits of CBD. 

Check your Ananda CBD report at least weekly to make sure you're addressing relevant opportunities in case you miss any throughout the day.

What's Next?

Learn more about personalizing your letters to increase the effectiveness of your CBD recommendation letters/handouts!

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