If you've been wondering how often Amplicare Assist notifications for a single opportunity are displayed, you've come to the right place! 

Assist notifications will appear in your pharmacy management system when a patient has an opportunity that is not marked complete AND on which no "action" has been taken in the past 30 days. "Action" is defined as printing a handout or letter, or printing/faxing the patient's doctor or prescriber a letter. 

Scenario 1 — Follow-up notification

Let's say your patient Tegan has an open "Nutrient Depletion" opportunity. Initially you're notified via Assist to recommend an OTC supplement for her. You click on the notification, print the educational handout, and staple it to her prescription bag. When Tegan comes by to pick up her medications, the pharmacy is very busy so there's no consultation. She glances at the handout but doesn't give it much thought, and she doesn't buy a supplement.

Sixty days pass and Tegan's medications are up for refill, so you pull her up in your pharmacy system. At this time you receive another Nutrient Depletion notification, because the last action taken on the opportunity was over 30 days ago and the opportunity was never completed.  

Scenario 2 — Completed opportunity

When you're notified about Tegan's Nutrient Depletion opportunity the second time around, you print the educational handout again, but this time, when she stops by the pharmacy, you briefly consult with her on the benefits of taking CoQ10. Tegan decides to buy the supplement! At this point, you complete the Nutrient Depletion opportunity in Amplicare with the specified outcome. 

Once the opportunity is completed, you will no longer be notified that Tegan has a Nutrient Depletion opportunity. 

The same rule applies if Tegan decides not to buy the supplement. In this case, the opportunity would be completed with a different outcome, and you would no longer receive the notifications.

This general behavior applies for all Assist notifications.

What's Next? 

Learn how to customize the frequency of Assist notifications to fit your pharmacy's workflow!

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