We have redesigned the way you schedule both automated and custom campaigns, and made it easier for you to see all of your scheduled campaigns in one place! 

Create New Campaigns 

Access the new options through the Campaigns tab in your account. From here, you can start working on:

  1. Recurring automated campaigns
  2. One-time custom campaigns

And you can also:

3. Share your ideas for new campaigns that would help you pharmacy workflow

Recurring Auto Campaigns

Want to schedule Clinical Refill Reminders and Happy Birthday calls? The layout may be new but the process for sending out automated campaigns is the same. You can still edit settings for each auto campaign and set them live straight from this page. 

One-time Custom Campaigns 

To create a custom campaign here, you can either manually select your patients or import a list of phone numbers. Click on Create Custom Campaign for the method you want to choose your patients. 

If you choose Import Phone Numbers, this will redirect you to a modal that reads Custom Campaign: Import Phone Numbers.

If you choose Manually Select Patients, this will redirect you to a modal that reads Custom Campaign: Manually Select Patients. From here you can start your custom campaign. 

Next, you will need to select your audience. You can personalize your list of patients by adding filters. If you want to reach out to your newly eligible patients, for example, filter by age or birthday. Once you have segmented the specific patients, click Select All and you will be prompted to Schedule Campaign.

To schedule a campaign: 

  1. Create a title for your campaign (optional). 
  2. Select when you want to send out the calls/messages. 
  3. Add a text message (optional). 
  4. Select a previously recorded message or record a new message.
  5. Toggle on or off to use a machine answering recording if the call is sent to the patient's voicemail.
  6. Schedule the messages.

Don't know what to say in your message? Here are some example scripts. Be sure to refer to the rules when scheduling campaigns.

Share Your Ideas

We value your feedback and rely on your input to improve our product. Use this form to suggest ideas for new automated campaigns that you would like to see. 

Manage Campaigns

This new page allows you to see all of your scheduled campaigns in one place. A breakdown of the page is below.

  1. This indicates the total number of campaigns you have scheduled, including automated and custom campaigns. 
  2. See the type of campaign, the campaign title, and when it was scheduled. Automated campaigns are tagged as Recurring and custom campaigns are tagged as One-time
  3. See the status of your campaign, including the number of scheduled calls that still need to go out and the number of calls that were completed successfully. 
  4. Click on the downward facing arrow for a list of actions to take. Here you can Edit Campaign title, Review Message History, or Cancel Campaign. 
  5. This is where you can see all your campaigns that were Scheduled, Sent, or Cancelled. 
  6. Sort your campaigns by Status or when you Created the campaign. 
  7. You have the option to Create a New Campaign here. You can also activate or pause automated campaigns.

What's Next? 

Take a look at some best practices for scheduling automated campaigns

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