In this article we'll review each main feature of Amplicare Connect to help you engage with your patients efficiently and effectively. 

Create New Campaigns 

Hover your mouse over Campaigns ==> "Create New Campaign" to schedule/activate a new campaign:

  1. Recurring automated campaigns

  2. One-time custom campaigns (manually select patients or import a list)

On this page you can also:

3. Share your ideas for new campaigns that would save your pharmacy time with patient engagement.

Ongoing Auto Campaigns

  • Refill reminder campaign

  • Happy birthday campaign 

  • "First fill customers" campaign

  • "Slipping away customers" campaign

These campaigns are ongoing, meaning once you activate the auto-campaign, your patients who qualify for the campaign at any point in the future will automatically receive a call/text from your pharmacy.

Learn more about how ongoing campaigns help increase patient loyalty. 

One-Time Custom Campaigns 

To initiate a one-time outreach to your patients, you can schedule one-time custom campaigns. You have a few options for scheduling a one-time campaign:

Share Your Ideas

We value your feedback and rely on your input to improve our product. If you find yourself scheduling repetitive one-time campaigns, let us know! Use this form to suggest ideas for new automated campaigns that would save you time from scheduling these repeat one-time campaigns.

Manage Campaigns

Go to "Manage Campaigns" in the "Campaigns" tab to see all of your scheduled campaigns centralized in one place:

  1. This indicates the total number of campaigns you have scheduled, including automated and custom campaigns. 

  2. See the type of campaign, the campaign title, and when it was scheduled. Automated campaigns are tagged as Recurring and custom campaigns are tagged as One-time

  3. See the status of your campaign, including the number of scheduled calls that still need to go out and the number of calls that were completed successfully. 

  4. Click on the downward facing arrow for a list of actions to take. Here you can Edit Campaign title, Review Message History, or Cancel Campaign. 

  5. This is where you can see all your campaigns that were Scheduled, Sent, or Cancelled. 

  6. Sort your campaigns by Status or when you Created the campaign. 

  7. You have the option to Create a New Campaign here. You can also activate or pause automated campaigns.

Message History

Going to "Message History" in your "Campaigns" tab will allow you to have oversight on the campaigns that are scheduled and the outcomes of historical calls/texts. Learn more about message history. 

Opt-Out List

Go to your "Opt-out list" under "Campaigns" to remove patients from receiving any future calls and/or texts. Learn more about opting out of calls/texts. 

Campaign Settings

At any point you can access your campaign settings to manage your voice recordings or update your caller ID by going to "Settings" ==> "Campaign Settings":

What's Next? 

Ready to get started? Make sure you follow these steps before you schedule or activate a campaign!

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