Performance will provide you with an analysis and general overview of important store performance metrics and what you need to do to improve.


We analyzed your patients actively taking cholesterol, diabetes, or hypertension medication, and calculated the percentage who are considered "adherent" for the current calendar year. (for January-March we display the scores for the previous calendar year) A patient is adherent when their adherence score for the therapeutic category is at least 80%. In the above example, 70% of patients taking cholesterol medication are adherent.

The colors of the circle graph represent different adherence intervals, which are detailed if you hover your mouse over the graph. Here's an example: 

To improve adherence in each of the specified categories, review your open low adherence opportunities.

Gap Therapy: Statin

This last chart represents the percentage of your patients who take diabetes medications and have filled a statin in the past six months. Hover your mouse over the pie chart to see a pop-up outlining how many patients have filled a statin within that time period and how many have not. Then go directly into your Gap Therapy: Statin report to view potential opportunities to complete.

Clinical Opportunities Graph 

The Clinical Opportunities graph compares your completed and uncompleted clinical opportunities over the past 12 months. When you hover your mouse over an orange bar corresponding to a certain month, you will see a pop-up showing exactly how many opportunities you did not complete that month. Hovering over a turquoise bar reveals exactly how many opportunities you completed in a given month. 

This graph provides a helpful overview of the progress your pharmacy has made over each month in regard to completing clinical opportunities. 

General Adherence Graph 

The General Adherence graph measures the general adherence of your active patients to their maintenance medications compared to pharmacies in the nearby area. The nearby area is defined as pharmacies within a 100-mile radius of your pharmacy. 

What's Next? 

Learn more about how we calculate adherence and why patients qualify for the Adherence Report! 

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