Amplicare has partnered with SolutionsRx and Chris Cornelison to recommend SolutionsRx products in Amplicare Restore.  With notifications right in your daily workflow, act on all your patients that will benefit from up-solutioning! Learn more about it from Chris himself.

If your pharmacy sells SolutionsRx supplements, your Nutrient Depletion report in Amplicare Restore should now be called SolutionsRx (if you need your report converted to SolutionsRx, reach out to us at


1) Ensure your pharmacy doesn’t miss a single opportunity for a patient that could benefit from taking a SolutionsRx supplement.  

2) Save time training your staff with easy to identify and address opportunities. 

3) Expediency. Act on these opportunities in your dispensing workflow with Amplicare Assist and print handouts in under 10 seconds! 

3) Personalized letters/handouts for your patients to increase your effectiveness. 

4) Easily track patients you’ve communicated with, and track who's taking SolutionsRx supplements.

Amplicare comprehensively checks over all your patient’s active medications to identify patients that could benefit from one or more SolutionsRx supplements. We have worked in sync with Chris and his team to ensure the right patients get the right recommendations. It's a win-win opportunity!

Addressing the opportunities

Notifications right in your dispensing workflow 

As you're checking/filling medications in your pharmacy system, you'll see the following notification in the bottom right-hand corner if that patient will benefit from a SolutionsRx supplement: 

Be sure you have Assist installed on all check/fill stations and your SolutionsRx pharmacy system notifications are activated.

Printing a patient handout/letter

Then, all you need to do is click the notification and you'll be taken right to an educational handout for the patient: 

The handouts detail which medications may be causing a depletion, common side effects, and how taking the recommended SolutionsRx product may benefit the patient. You have the option to select what specific recommendations are included in the letter. Print the handout and staple it to the patient's prescription bag, ready for when they come by to pick up their medications.

Severity levels:

High -- A patient likely experiencing severe nutrient depletion.

Medium -- An adjunctive therapy recommendation. 

Low --  Lower classification of an adjunctive therapy recommendation. 

Best practices 

Personalize your letters/handouts

Edit your letter/handout templates to increase the effectiveness of the letters. We highly recommend adding a coupon to:

  1. Better incentivize your patients to buy a supplement

  2. Keep track of the letter/handout supplement sale conversions (each coupon collected equals one successfully converted handout)

You'll see the option to add a coupon on the top of the handout (see picture above). "Edit Template" and scroll down to edit the content:

Chris recommends editing the coupon on a seasonal basis to provide a discount on a second bottle purchased.

Consulting with patients

In order to successfully encourage your patients to buy a supplement, discuss with the patient face-to-face, in addition to providing the handout. Amplicare has compiled a nutrient depletion Clinical Guide, written by a PharmD, to help you have these conversations.

  • Print the Clinical Guide.

  • Hole punch the pages and insert into a 3 ring binder.

  • Place in a binder right on the counter where patients pick up their medications, for easy reference!  

Search, Sort, and Filter

All Amplicare Restore reports allow you to search, filter, and sort, to help you tailor your efforts to your most relevant and high priority patients. If you're not eligible with Amplicare Assist, this is the best way to address opportunities in workflow: 

  • Keep the report open at all POS stations. 

  • Each time a patient comes in to pick up their medications, quickly search their name in the report to see if they would benefit from taking a supplement. 

  • If they have an opportunity, print the handout and consult with them on the benefits!

A DIR trick from Chris

 If a patient is affecting your DIR fees due to non adherence, see if it’s due to a side effect they're experiencing. If that’s the case, consult with them about how the appropriate SolutionsRx product could mitigate those side effects. This is a great way to kill two birds with one stone --  lowering DIR fees while also increasing cash sales!  

Leverage your SolutionsRx bag stuffers

Add these bag stuffers into your patients' prescription bags to better market your SolutionsRx products and increase your sales. 

What’s next?

If your pharmacy is eligible for Assist, click here to learn more about how it can benefit your pharmacy!

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