To access the patient enrollment portal, an Enroll ID is required. As a reminder, a patient's Enroll ID is automatically generated and added to the following Amplicare handouts:

  1. Open Enrollment eligible handout/letter

  2. Plan comparison printout

Once a handout is first generated, the patient has 30 days to enroll with the Enroll ID. After 30 days, the patient will no longer be able to access the Patient Enrollment Portal. This doesn't mean they can never use the Patient Enrollment Portal, instead, it just means they need a new Enroll ID!

If a patient cannot log in, he or she should quickly contact your pharmacy so you can confirm the issue is due to an outdated Enroll ID. During this phone call, we recommend comparing what Enroll ID they are using against what is listed on a newly generated handout in Amplicare. 

If they do not match, this indicates it has been at least 30 days since the handout was first generated and the Enroll ID will no longer work. All you will need to do is provide them with the new Enroll ID and the patient can once again access the Patient Enrollment Portal!

What's Next?

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