Does your pharmacy offer flu vaccinations? If yes, increase your revenue by actively promoting this service -- ensure you don't miss any opportunities to recommend a flu shot to your patients this flu season!

Amplicare Restore has a brand new report to help you diversify your revenue streams: Flu Vaccination report

Between 140,000 and 710,000 people are hospitalized each year due to flu-related complications. As a community pharmacy, you have the perfect opportunity to ensure that your patients don't become part of this statistic

Amplicare Restore's Flu Vaccination report identifies all patients aged 18+ with active medications. Each "opportunity" includes a personalized handout/letter to distribute to your patients and encourage them to receive a flu shot.

Include a coupon to further incentivize your patients!

Flu shot opportunities in your daily workflow

Leverage Amplicare Assist to engage with these patients day-to-day and maximize the number of flu vaccinations you provide your patients, with minimal time and effort. Here's how:

  1. Ensure Amplicare Assist is installed on all check/fill work stations in your pharmacy.

  2. Activate "Flu Vaccinations" notifications in your Assist settings.

  3. While you're in Assist settings, make sure for the "Notifications Displayed" setting, “Top Opportunities” is selected (not "All Opportunities"). This will ensure you'll only be notified about high priority patients: those who received a flu vaccination last flu season OR those who especially would benefit from a flu vaccination (i.e. they have COPD). 

  4. When a notification appears in your pharmacy system for a patient, simply click the notification to be taken right to the patient's personalized handout.

  5. Print the handout and staple the handout to the patient's prescription bag. 

  6. The patient should be stopping by soon to pick up their refills, and when they do, bring their attention to the handout and encourage them to get a flu shot. 

  7. Hold your staff accountable to click, print, and address each notifications throughout the day by consistently keeping track of your Notification History.

This is what you'll see in your pharmacy system with Flu Vaccination notifications activated:

Providing flu shots results in revenue straight into your pharmacy's pocket, and they, of course, improve overall patient and community health, so there's a lot to gain! 

What's Next?

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