After you help your patient enroll in a plan, there a few necessary steps to effectively keep track of and manage important enrollment information.

Add the plan they enrolled in to their profile 

In the patient's profile, choose the Edit Profile tab and select Current Plan

Select the “Choose plan” radio button and search for the 2019 plan. After finding the correct plan (we recommend having the Group and Plan ID in addition to BIN number), select the “Confirm Plan” button.   

Complete the corresponding opportunity 

In the patient's profile, navigate to the Opportunity tab and select the corresponding opportunity to complete the status of it:

Add a note to the patient's profile

You can do this by selecting the Notes tab in the patient's profile. This can also be done by going into the Notes section once you complete the corresponding opportunity:

What's Next?

Learn more about viewing completed opportunities to keep track of your progress and identify where you need to improve. 

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