Throughout Open Enrollment, it's equally important to keep track of the patients you've already helped and to continuously follow up with the patients you haven't helped yet. There are various ways to do this directly in Amplicare!

Consistently follow up with your patients

Many patients will procrastinate or simply forget that they need to review their plan options. To increase engagement, consistently remind them that time is running out! We recommend sending a phone call or a letter campaign to your Medicare patients at least twice during Open Enrollment. You can easily filter your Open Enrollment report to reach out to or follow up with patients that haven't had a plan comparison performed yet.

Review your "Review" tab (pun intended!) in your Open Enrollment report:

This section fully encompasses all of your patients who haven't had a plan comparison performed yet. It will also include patients that you reached out to more than 30 days ago, so if a patient exists in this section, they need to be engaged (or re-engaged) with!

Tracking your progress

Following up with your patients to increase plan consultations is also important and it's equally important for your business to keep track of the progress you're making during Open Enrollment.

Review your "Completed" section:

Review this section periodically to keep track of the Open Enrollment opportunities that your pharmacy has completed. Opportunities are completed manually, but we will auto-complete opportunities if we detect that the patient has enrolled in a new plan after we receive the appropriate data.

Review your "In Progress" section:

Review this section periodically to keep track of patients that you likely helped, based on their plan comparison activity. Then, "complete" each patient's opportunity once you've confirmed that no further action is needed.

What's Next?

Open Enrollment is the perfect opportunity not only to engage with your Medicare patients but also to gain new business. Click here for best practices on how to leverage your free plan comparison service to gain new Medicare business! 

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