Encouraging the use of the patient enrollment portal will save you time so you can focus more of your efforts on your high-priority patients, such as those whose current plan will no longer be in-network in the coming year. The patient enrollment portal requires an Enroll ID -- read on to learn how to provide ID's for your patients!

A patient's Enroll ID is automatically generated and added to the following Amplicare handouts:

  1. Newly Eligible handout/letter
  2. Open Enrollment Eligible handout/letter
  3. Plan comparison printout

Newly Eligible handout

  • Accessed in your Newly Eligible report. Send out letters to inform patients they're eligible to enroll in Medicare for the first time, and your pharmacy can help them! This is what the handout/letter will look like: 

Open Enrollment Eligible handout

  • Accessed in your Open Enrollment report. Send out letters to remind patients about Open Enrollment and the importance of reviewing their plan options for the coming year. This is what the handout/letter will look like: 

Plan comparison printout

  • Accessed after helping a patient compare plans. Generate a plan comparison report by selecting Print Preview on the side-by-side plan comparison page. This is what the plan comparison printout will look like:

What's Next?

Click here for best practices on successfully leveraging the patient enrollment portal and here to learn more about the step-by-step process your patients will experience when they use the portal.

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