There are a few different ways in which you can help your patients enroll in a new Medicare plan, which vary in terms of efficiency and engagement.

Patient Enrollment Portal Letter Campaign 

High efficiency, low engagement

You might not have the time to personally engage with every one of your Medicare patients... But, it's important to reach out to as many of your Medicare patients as you can to ensure they enroll in an affordable plan that's still in-network with your pharmacy to maximize your patient retention.

Initiate a letter campaign that encourages your patients to review their options on Amplicare's patient-facing website and enroll in an in-network plan without needing to stop by the pharmacy! 

In order for patients to access the website, they must have an Enroll ID, which is given to them directly from you -- their friendly, community pharmacy. Upon logging into the portal, your patients' medication lists will be automatically populated so that they can perform their own in-depth plan comparison and find a plan that's affordable and in-network with your pharmacy.

Letter campaign instructions:

  1. Go to your Open Enrollment report (when it's Oct 15th - Dec 7th) or your Newly Eligible report.
  2. If it's the Open Enrollment report, filter the report as you see fit (cast a wide net!).
  3. Select all patients and "Print Handouts".
  4. The "Enroll Online" option will be selected by default, which will generate an Enroll ID for each patients' letter. 
  5. Make other desired customizations to the letters (we recommend the "letter" format).
  6. "Generate" to have the letters emailed to you in a single file so you can print them all in one fell swoop!

This is what the letter will look like:

Generate Plan Comparison Reports

Medium efficiency, medium engagement

This option requires more personal engagement with the patient, but it's still quite efficient. 

  1. Perform a plan comparison for a patient. 
  2. Once a few plans are selected for the comparison, "Print Preview" to generate a plan comparison report.
  3. The "Enroll Online" option will be selected by default, which will generate an Enroll ID for the patient.
  4. Print or email the comparison for the patient. 
  5. The patient can now complete the enrollment process on their own time by using the online enrollment portal.

This is what the plan comparison printout will look like:

Help Patients Enroll Online

Low efficiency, high touch

This option requires the most personal engagement with the patient, which is great! Providing top-notch service to your patients guarantees they'll remain loyal customers. 

  1. Perform a plan comparison for a patient.
  2. Walk your patients through the patient enrollment portal step-by-step until they submit the enrollment.
  3. Record the patient interaction appropriately.

What's Next?  

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