Amplicare's plan comparison website for patients allows pharmacies to empower patients through the complications of enrolling in a Medicare plan -- saving you time to focus your efforts on high priority plan comparison opportunities and increasing your overall impact. 

Logging into the portal

The enrollment website is accessed at Patients get their Enroll ID directly from you -- this is how.

Patients will see this page when they first arrive on

After entering their Enroll ID and zip-code, a custom plan comparison is generated based on their existing prescription medications.

Reviewing the information

The enrollment portal looks very similar to the Amplicare Match (iMedicare) plan comparison tool you use at your pharmacy - though, there are a few key differences.  

  1. Hover-Overs: We have added descriptive hover-overs, also known as "tool tips", to several elements on the page. For example, hovering over the estimated Total Prescription Drug Cost Out-Of-Pocket icon for a plan, they will see the following:

2. Supplemental Plan Information: On every plan entry, there are additional links -- Star Ratings Info, Pre-Enrollment Checklist, and Plan Details.

  • Plan Details: provides the Summary of Benefits for that plan.
  • Star Ratings Info: Click here to see an example.
  • Pre-Enrollment Checklist: Click here to see an example.

3. Prescription Drug List: Here, patients will be able to view all of their active prescriptions they're filling at your pharmacy.

Patients are not able to edit their medication list. If they need to make any changes to their drug list, they must call your pharmacy in order for their drug list to be updated. The pharmacy's number will be provided. You can see your pharmacy's number in your store Settings (email if you need this number updated).

The patient's active medication list can always be viewed and edited in their Amplicare profile ("Medicare" tab).

Enrolling in a plan

When the patient finds a plan they feel best suits their needs, they simply click the blue Enroll button on the desired plan to start the process.

This will bring up a modal where they can opt to enroll online or connect with a licensed representative to complete the process. These representatives can help answer any questions a patient may have about their selected plan. 

If the patient opts to enroll online, they'll click Start Enrollment, which will bring them to a screen that will look something like this:

If a patient has their Medicare information on file with your pharmacy, their information will auto-populate the above fields. Patients with no Medicare information on file will have to enter their information manually.

Post enrollment process

Once the enrollment form is completed, the patient will receive a confirmation number that they can print for their records. Amplicare will save the enrollment data so that your pharmacy can keep track of patients that enroll using the website. Their Open Enrollment eligible or Newly Eligible opportunities will be automatically marked as "completed" in the corresponding report. 

What's Next?

Now that you know all about the patient-facing website, click here for strategies on helping patients enroll by leveraging this portal to increase your efficiency!

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