Amplicare's patient-facing plan comparison website, NavigateMyCare, allows pharmacies to empower patients through the complications of enrolling in a Medicare plan -- saving you time to focus your efforts on high priority plan comparison opportunities and increasing your overall impact.

The information in NavigateMyCare is essentially a reflection of what you see in your Amplicare account in a patient’s “Medicare Plans” tab, allowing patients to review their plan options and enroll in a plan in the comfort of their home. They will only be shown in-network plans so it ensures you retain them as a loyal patient. ALL plans that are in-network with your pharmacy will be listed in Navigate.

How to access NavigateMyCare

The landing page for the portal can easily be accessed at

Patients will see this page when they first arrive to the site: 

If a patient was already provided their Customer ID, they will "Enter Customer ID" to access their personalized plan finder based on the prescriptions that they fill at your pharmacy. Patients can only obtain their "Customer ID" directly from you -- learn how.

If a patient lands on the page without knowing their Customer ID, they can "Find a Plan" by manually entering all of their information.

Learn how to quickly provide patient portal access if a patient needs assistance. 

Saved Comparisons: Connected to your Amplicare account

If your pharmacy saved a comparison for a patient in Amplicare, the patient will be automatically directed to that "saved comparison" upon login:

Patient information

Your patients will see their drugs, doctors, and profile information, with the ability to update the info as needed.

All recently filled maintenance medications will be activated by default in the "Drugs", based on your pharmacy's dispensing data:

In the "Doctors" tab prescribers associated with the patient’s drug refills will be automatically added. Additional providers the patient wants to continue seeing should be manually added:

In the "Profile" tab your patients will be able to quickly see what their associated Amplicare is, along with their Enroll ID.

Filtering & Sorting Plans

Your patients will have the option to filter their plan list as follows:

  • Preferred Plans Only: Only display plans “preferred” at your pharmacy

  • Plan Year & Effective Month: During Open Enrollment the default selection will be 2021 and January respectively

  • Sort Plans By: Default sort is “estimated yearly costs”

  • Plan Types: plans displayed will match at least one of the selections

  • Medicare Advantage Plan Types: plans displayed will match at least one of the selections, only applies to Medicare Advantage plans

  • Medicare Advantage Plan Benefits: plans displayed will match ALL of the selections, only applies to Medicare Advantage plans

Reviewing the plan information

Navigate was designed to better guide your patients through the complexities of Medicare plan comparisons.

Tool Tips

We have added descriptive hover-overs, also known as "tool tips", to several elements on the page. For example, hovering over the Estimated Yearly Costs for Premiums and Drugs text, they will see the following:


Patients can review restrictions on filling certain medications (prior authorization, quantity limit, day supply restriction, step therapy, not covered) or seeing certain doctors (out-of-network provider), for each plan:

Detailed Plan Information

Each plan will have a "Plan Details" link to provide a detailed breakdown on important plan information, including a "Summary of Benefits" and a "Star Ratings Info" brochure.

Comparing plans

Select “Compare” on multiple plans to view a breakdown of plan cost information and compare options side-by-side:

After selecting "Compare Plans" patients will be able to see the plan details for each plan selected and compare side-by-side:

  1. Expand/collapse detailed plan information

  2. Patient can print or email the plan comparison report to review further with a family member before making a decision

  3. Patients can select “Enroll” if they are prepared to do so for a particular plan

Enrolling in a plan

When the patient finds a plan they feel best suits their needs, they simply click the Enroll Now button on the desired plan to start the process.

This will bring up a modal where they can opt to enroll online or connect with a licensed representative to complete the process. These representatives can help answer any questions a patient may have about their selected plan. 

If the patient opts to enroll online, they'll click Start online enrollment, which will launch the plan's application form.

Post enrollment process

Once the enrollment form is completed, the patient will receive a confirmation number that they can print for their records. Amplicare will save the enrollment data so that your pharmacy can keep track of patients that enroll using the website.

Help Center

If your patients have questions, they can click on the "Help Center" tab to learn more about Medicare and guide themselves if they are comfortable in doing so:

Included in the Help Center is an interactive product tour that will guide your patients through the steps of using Navigate to compare their plan options.

Call-for-help customization

Navigate includes a number on the top of the site to "Call Licensed Insurance Agent" for assistance. This call-to-action is customizable! You have the option to change this to direct patients to YOUR pharmacy's phone number for general inquiries. Here's what we recommend:

  • For pharmacies who are not super comfortable assisting patients with comparisons and/or who are inundated and do not want to increase inbound call volume to the pharmacy, we recommend leaving this call-for-help as the default "Call Licensed Insurance Agent". See "Important Note" below.

  • For pharmacies who are comfortable assisting patients with plan comparisons and have the resources to take on more inbound call volume, we recommend you reach out to us and request this call-for-help to be customized to direct to your pharmacy. Email or send us a chat message!

Important note: If your patients call any of the insurance broker numbers listed in Navigate, they will be directed to an HPOne insurance broker agent specialized in handling calls from patients associated with Amplicare pharmacies. They should not attempt to steer the patient to a plan they were not initially calling in about AND they will ensure the patient enrolls in a plan that is contracted with your pharmacy.

What's Next?

You can add your pharmacy's branding to the Navigate as well! We highly recommend you do this to personalize Navigate and market your pharmacy as providing this value-added service to your community. Here's how

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