Phone Calls (English)

  1. Here at [Pharmacy name] your health and well-being is our top concern. Certain medications deplete nutrients in your body. To prevent side-effects from these common vitamin deficiencies, we would be happy to recommend a supplement specifically tailored to your medication. Please feel free to give us a call at [Pharmacy phone].

  2. Hi, this is [First name] from [Pharmacy name]. One or more of your medications have been known to decrease your body's natural levels of some essential nutrients. If you are experiencing any unpleasant side-effects from your current medications, such as fatigue, soreness, forgetfulness, or changes in appetite -- please give us a call at [Pharmacy phone] to schedule a consultation with the pharmacist, or, come by to see us. 

SMS Text messages (English)

  1. Hi! Let us know if you're experiencing any side-effects from your medications. We're happy to help!

  2. Hello! We notice you're taking meds that deplete the body of nutrients. Call us for details.

Note: It's not necessary to include your pharmacy name and number in the text message content, as this information will be included at the bottom of the text message by default, along with a message to "Text STOP to opt out". Learn more about text messaging.

Phone Calls (Spanish)

  1. Aquí en [Pharmacy name] su salud es nuestra principal preocupación. Ciertos medicamentos agotan nutrientes en su cuerpo.  Para prevenir los efectos secundarios de estas deficiencias, estaríamos encantados de recomendar un suplemento específicamente adaptado a su medicamento. Por favor, denos un llamada al [Pharmacy phone].

  2. Hola, este es [First name] de [Pharmacy name]. Se sabe que uno o más de sus medicamentos disminuyen los niveles naturales de algunos nutrientes esenciales de su cuerpo. Si está experimentando efectos secundarios desagradables de sus medicamentos actuales, como fatiga, olvido o cambios en el apetito, llámenos a [Phone number] para programar una consulta con el farmacéutico o visítenos hoy mismo.

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