Phone Calls (English)

  • Hi! This is [Person name] from [Pharmacy name]. Prescription formularies have changed in the past year, and we want to make sure you’re not paying more than you have to. Some plans even have $0 copays. We’re happy to conduct a free Medicare plan comparison for you, and go through your options. Please call us at [pharmacy phone] to schedule some time. Thanks, and have a great day!

  • Hi! This is [Person name] from [Pharmacy name].  Most Medicare patients are paying more for their drug costs than necessary and we want to help. You may be entitled to change Medicare plans outside of Open Enrollment. We are happy to offer free Medicare Part D plan comparisons to evaluate all of your options and ensure that you are enrolled in the best possible plan for your health and your wallet! Please call us at [pharmacy phone] to schedule your free consultation! Thanks, and have a wonderful day!

SMS Text Messages (English)

  • Hi! With plans changing annually, we'll help you find your ideal Medicare plan for free. Just call!

  • Hi! You may be eligible to switch Medicare plans outside of Open Enrollment. Call us for more info!

Note: It's not necessary to include your pharmacy name and number in the text message content, as this information will be included at the bottom of the text message by default, along with a message to "Text STOP to opt out". Learn more about text messaging.

Phone Calls (Spanish)

Hola! Es [Person name] de [Pharmacy name]. Los formularios de prescripción han cambiado en el último año, y queremos asegurarnos de que usted no está pagando más de lo que tiene que pagar. Algunos planes hasta tienen copagos de $0. Seria un placer hacer una comparación de plan de Medicare para usted y mostrarle sus opciones.Por favor llámenos a [Pharmacy phone] para programar un tiempo para la comparación. Gracias y que tenga un buen día.

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