Phone Calls (English)

Hello, this is [Person Name] calling from [Pharmacy Name]. Congratulations on being newly eligible for Medicare! Here at [Pharmacy Name] we are happy to help you select a Medicare Part D plan by conducting a plan comparison. The average patient can save several hundred dollars per year by making sure they are on the best plan for their medication list. Please give us a call at [Pharmacy Phone] to schedule your free consultation. Thank you and we hope you have a great day.

SMS Text Messages (English)

Hi. Looks like you're eligible for Medicare Part D. Call us for help selecting an affordable plan.

Note: It's not necessary to include your pharmacy name and number in the text message content, as this information will be included at the bottom of the text message by default, along with a message to "Text STOP to opt out". Learn more about text messaging.

Phone Calls (Spanish)

Hola! Es [Person Name] de [Pharmacy Name]. Felicidades! Recientemente usted ha sido elegible para inscribirse en Medicare! Como su farmacia local, nos encantaría ayudarle a elegir un plan adecuado y ahorrar dinero en sus medicamentos. Llámenos al [pharmacy_phone] y solicite su consulta gratuita hoy. Esperamos hablar con usted.

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