Phone Calls for General Outreach

  1. Hi! This is [Person Name] calling from [Pharmacy Name]. We are offering free Medicare plan comparisons this Open Enrollment. Plans change every year and your current plan may not be the least expensive option anymore. Give us a call at [Phone Number] to schedule your free consultation today. 

  2. Hi, this is [Person Name], pharmacist [and owner] at [Pharmacy Name]. This isn't one of those pre-recorded election calls, this call is about your health and prescriptions. We want to remind you that Medicare Part D Open Enrollment is now until December 7th, and we want to invite you to come into your local [Pharmacy Name] pharmacy for a Medicare plan comparison. Plans change every year and your current plan may not be the best option anymore. Please call [Pharmacy Name] to schedule a free consultation. Thanks, and have a great day! 

  Phone Calls for High Priority Patients:

  1. Hi! This is [Person Name] calling from [Pharmacy Name]. Your Medicare plan may have made some changes for 2021, which could affect what you pay for your prescription drugs next year. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss any potential changes and help you enroll in a new plan if there's a more suitable option. Please give us a call at [Phone Number] to schedule your free consultation. Thank you and have a great day.

  2. Hi! This is [Person Name] calling from [Pharmacy Name]. You may have received letters from your insurance plan with misleading information, so we want to make sure you know that here at [Pharmacy Name] we can help you review your Medicare plan options so you enroll in a suitable plan next year. Give us a call!

SMS Text Messages

  1. Hi, It's Open Enrollment now until Dec 7th. We can help you find a Medicare plan likely to save you money next year. Call us!

  2. Hi, Medicare plans change annually. Call us to make sure you're enrolled in an ideal plan for next year.

  3. Hi, Medicare plans change their coverage annually. Now until Dec. 7th you can enroll in a new plan during Open Enrollment. Call us to review your options.

Note: It's not necessary to include your pharmacy name and number in the text message content, as this information will be included at the bottom of the text message by default, along with a message to "Text STOP to opt out". Learn more about text messaging.

Phone Calls (Spanish)

  1. La Inscripción Abierta es desde ahora hasta el 7 de diciembre. Aquí en [Pharmacy Name] queremos ayudar a asegurarnos de que se encuentre en el plan de Medicare menos costoso para sus necesidades. La mayoría de las personas ahorran varios cientos de dólares al año asegurándose de que estan en el mejor plan para sus necesidades. Llámenos al [Phone Number] para programar su consulta gratuita. Gracias y que tengas un buen día

  2. ¡Hola! Esta es [Person Name] llamando desde [Pharmacy Name]. En [Pharmacy Name] estamos ofreciendo comparaciones de planes de la Parte D de Medicare para esta Inscripción Abierta. Los planes cambian cada año y su plan actual puede que ya no sea la opción menos costosa. Llámenos al {Phone Number}} para programar su consulta gratuita hoy.

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