Whether through a standing order, prescriptive authority, or collaborative practice agreements, pharmacists in all 50 states can now dispense naloxone without a patient-specific prescription from another medical professional.

Here is an overview of each state's policy.

The new Naloxone Intervention report identifies every patient at your pharmacy that has recently filled two or more C2 opioids, each with a 9+ days supply. Many of these patients are also on other central nervous system depressants such as benzodiazepines.

Print a handout to inform them about naloxone, and to make sure they are aware that naloxone is available without a patient-specific prescription.   

As always, we provide you with a pre-formatted handout, available in both English and Spanish. However, you can easily edit this template by clicking the "Edit Template" button to the left of the blue "Print" button.

Many Medicare and Medicaid plans now cover naloxone with a low copay. If this is the case in your area, consider adding this to your handout text.   

We also have free informational posters and flyers about naloxone in the marketing section of our Resources center. Consider hanging a poster in your pharmacy to educate your patients and their loved ones about naloxone.  

What's Next?

Learn how to streamline Naloxone Intervention opportunities into your pharmacy system workflow!

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