The key to a successful Open Enrollment is being proactive! Engage your Medicare patients with a bulk letter or call/text campaign to inform them about the importance of reviewing their plan options during Open Enrollment -- and that you’re offering a free service to help them find the best plan! 

Many patients may be content with their current plan, but they aren't aware that plans change their formularies, premiums, and deductibles year-to-year, and that the standard minimum benefit ("phases of coverage") among all plans change year-to-year. Reviewing their plan options during Open Enrollment allows them to select a plan that will be best suited for them in the new year. Without doing this, they risk paying hundreds of dollars more than they need to for their medications in the coming year. Your patients will absolutely appreciate the communication and the service -- use Open Enrollment to guarantee your Medicare patients keep coming back!

We recommend reaching out to a significant percentage of your active Medicare patients at least once to maximize the number of plan consultations scheduled. The more patients you reach, the greater the impact you'll have. That said, you likely won't have time to reach all of your Medicare patients, so you must prioritize - and Amplicare helps you with that! 

Targeted engagement campaigns

Go to your Open Enrollment worklist by clicking "Opportunities" on the left side panel. 

Your Open Enrollment worklist includes all of your patients who have filled in the last 12 months and are Medicare eligible.

Use the search and/or filter options to prioritize high value patient segments you want to target. Learn more about filtering.

After you've filtered the report to your desire, "Select all" to reach out to the targeted group in one fell swoop. 

You can print personalized letters and/or you can schedule a call/text campaign (at no extra cost!)

Letter campaign

Customize the handout/letter to your liking: 

  • Select "Enroll Online" to provide your patients with an Enroll ID so they can enroll in a plan in-network with a pharmacy on their own time! Learn more about when and why to take a more passive approach with helping patients enroll in a plan.

  • Format options: Handout vs. Letter

  • Language options: English vs. Spanish

  • Option to "Include Plan Options" to give your patients a sneak peek 

  • Option to include a "Coupon" to increase the attractiveness of the handout

  • Edit the content, including the coupon content

  • Click here for more details on editing letter templates, including how to upload your pharmacy's logo.

Select "Generate" and enter your email address

We'll email you a PDF with all of the personalized letters compiled into a single file for quick and easy printing!

Call/text campaign

Select the patients you want to reach out to, and then "Schedule {{x}} Calls".

You'll need to record a voice message, so that your patients hear a human voice when they pick up the call. Sample scripts are included in the instructions to help you get started.

We recommend you enter text message content as well, as typically text messages are less intrusive and more successful than phone calls. Learn more about text messaging.

Follow up with your patients

Many patients will procrastinate or simply forget they need to review their plan options. To increase engagement, consistently remind them that time is running out! Click here to learn more.

Reminders in your daily workflow

If your pharmacy system is compatible with Amplicare Assist (our workflow automation tool), then be sure you have Assist installed on all check or fill stations in your pharmacy. This way, you'll be notified right in the pharmacy system if you're checking/filling a prescription for a high priority Medicare-eligible patient. 

Simply click the notification and print the handout to keep with the patient's prescriptions. When the patient comes by to pick up their medications later that day, ensure they don't leave the pharmacy without reviewing next year's Medicare plan options!

Open Enrollment is a great way not only to improve retention, but also to gain brand new business. It's all about marketing -- and we’re here to help!

Here's how:

Click here (Help => Resources => Marketing: Amplicare Match):

  • Place a foam board in the window of your pharmacy

  • Go to your community senior centers and hand out flyers

  • Print the appointment cards and leave them by all patient check-out stations

Learn more best practices on how to gain new Medicare business.

Other best practices

  • Conduct a pharmacy staff refresher training on how to perform plan comparisons (or, attend one of ours!)

  • Implement a standardized scheduling system for plan consultations: A physical calendar or a shared online calendar

  • Designate one or two people to be in charge of spear-heading the patient outreach campaigns. And hold them accountable! 

What's Next?

Ready to start comparing plans? Click here for a step-by-step walkthrough on how to perform a plan comparison!

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