Open Enrollment Report

In preparation for Open Enrollment (October 15 - December 7), we've released an Open Enrollment report listing all your patients who will be eligible to enroll in a 2019 plan. Once we receive the 2019 data from CMS, we'll analyze how changes will affect each of your patients and update this report with recommended segments of patients to consult.

Improved Opportunities

In redesigning Opportunities, we introduced "reasons for completing opportunities." This change should help pharmacies keep track of patient interactions, and provide deeper insights into the success of your outreach and consultations.
Additionally, we've completely rebuilt the systems detecting your opportunities. Overall, this creates faster performance, a more intuitive workflow, and generates fewer opportunities that aren’t a “win-win” for both the pharmacy & patient.

Patient Overview

A patient's Overview tab now showcases their current plan, the most recent  if they've enrolled for next year, and current opportunities. Use the filter to see previously completed opportunities.


When viewing all your patients or creating custom campaigns, you should notice new and improved filters. Combining filters lets you segment particular populations for your specific needs and outreach opportunities. 

Additionally, you'll notice additional and improved filters across opportunity reports.

Webinars Page

Under Help, you should notice a tab for Online Webinars. This page lists upcoming live webinars you can sign up for, as well as recorded webinars that are available 24/7.

Additional Improvements

  • Introduced new Call History tabs

  • Additional logic for Refill Reminders 

  • For added clarity, Adherence report was renamed Low Adherence, Total Billings was renamed Total Rx Billings

  • Introduced a Light Access version of products for users without subscriptions

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