During Open Enrollment (Oct. 15 - Dec. 7), all Medicare patients are eligible to review their plan options for the upcoming year. Reminding these patients to stop by the pharmacy for a plan comparison increases your Medicare patient retention year-to-year and helps your patients save money!  

Often times, Medicare patients are targeted by insurance brokers during Open Enrollment who can push them towards plans that are out-of-network with your pharmacy or mail-order/chain preferred. Scheduling personalized call/text campaigns keeps your patients engaged with your pharmacy so they go to to you to determine what plan is best for them.

Here's how:

  1. Access your Open Enrollment Eligible worklist: Log in and go to Opportunities > select "Open Enrollment Eligible" in the Worklist dropdown:

2. Use filters ("Recommended" and/or "Advanced') to identify a segment of patients you want to target. Learn more about recommended patients to target.

 3. Apply Filters and "Select All", then "Schedule Campaign":

4. Adjust the campaign criteria:

  • Title the campaign something identifiable (i.e. "Open Enrollment Campaign I").
  • Select the time you'd like the calls/texts to start going out.
  • Specify how many messages (calls/texts) you'd like to be sent each day. You should expect patient call-backs, so we recommend not sending more than 100 per day so your staff's daily workflow is not disrupted. The calls/texts will be sent with no more than a 5 minute interval between each call/text. Note: Depending on how many patients are included in the campaign and the number of messages / day criteria, the campaign can span multiple days. 
  • Select the appropriate voice recording. Click here for instructions on recording a new voice message.
  • Add text message content. This is optional but we highly recommend it! Learn more about text messaging. 

Then, just click "Schedule Messages"

You can track your call/text history at any point in Message History

What's Next?

Click here for sample voice call scripts and text message content to use for your Open Enrollment campaigns!

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