The newest Amplicare Assist has a built-in update system

Amplicare Assist versions 3.3 and beyond will let you know whenever a newer version is released, and you can click the notification for immediate download. Remember, in addition to visual tweaks, newer versions of Amplicare Assist have improved opportunity detection, more insights, new calls to action, and a smarter integration into user workflows.

Be sure to download this latest version of Amplicare Assist by logging into your account and visiting the Assist tab. It's the last time you'll need to do this. 😁

Loads of filters for Custom Campaigns and the All Patients report

Check it out! We've introduced a slew of advanced filters and sorting options to you All Patients report. With Amplicare Connect, you can leverage these filters to segment very specific populations for custom phone campaigns.
That's right, you can create Custom Campaigns for sending out phone calls! Just choose the patients and select your recording -- we'll take care of the rest.


Create and add coupons to your handouts

When printing a handout for your patients, click the checkbox to include your coupon. These coupons are easily edited while previewing your printout, or in the store's settings.


Patient Profiles had a visual makeover

Now it's more clear which plan a patient is currently enrolled in, and if they have a subsidy identified. Plus, larger filters and tags should help you navigate about the page.

Smaller improvements

  • Clearer call history for Amplicare Connect

  • Introduced 30 day follow-ups for Amplicare Assist actions

  • Added a link to our webinars training in-app (under Help)

  • The log-in page had a visual makeover to deliver news to users

  • General improvements for intelligent automated call campaigns to improve patient experience, such as a new IVR menu and expanding the "refill reminder blacklist"

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