STEP 1: Enter or confirm your patient’s current plan and subsidy.

Click into the Edit Profile in the patient's profile page and select either the plan or subsidy.

If you are unsure of your patient’s current enrollment, use the Check Plan or Subsidy link on the left side of the page or contact the patient directly.

Amplicare uses a complex algorithm to automatically detect current plan and subsidy for patients if there is enough drug refill data to do so.

STEP 2: Confirm your patient’s active drug list and filter plan options based on their needs.

When you click on Medicare Plans you can see the patient's medications, your patient's current plan, and all the plan options for your patient! 

1 -- Active Drug List: Blue indicates an active drug, while grey indicates an inactive drug (which will not be accounted for in the plan comparison). You can manually add a new drug by clicking Add Drug on the top right. 

2 -- Filter plans by PDP, MA-PDP, and SNP. You can Sort plans based on your patient's main concerns, Change Interval to show the plan cost for your patient's coverage period. Nearby Pharmacy shows you what your patient would pay for their medications at a nearby pharmacy (*Make sure to click CANCEL at the top when you are done comparing to revert back to your store’s prices). 

3 -- Pharmacy View/Patient View allows you to hide sensitive information when working directly with your patient. Learn more about the difference between the views here!

All plans shown in Amplicare are in-network with your pharmacy and available in your patient’s zip code. 

STEP 3: Review the list of plans.

In the plan list, you can see: 

1. The Plan name, Info (CMS Contract ID Number, Bin Number), and CMS Star Rating.

2. The patient's Out-of-Pocket cost. This number reflects the total amount the patient will pay in premiums and copays.

3. Colorful tags indicate plan-specific network information. Learn more about these tags here!

4. Click Restrictions to show the specific drugs with restrictions in each plan. You'll have the option to view therapeutic alternatives by selecting Find Alternative.

Here you'll also see the monthly premium and annual deductible, as well as the Pharmacy's Estimated Revenue and DIR Fees

STEP 4: Select multiple plans to compare costs side-by-side

Select the plans you would like to compare by clicking the little box on each plan. Then, click COMPARE PLANS on the lower right of the screen.

You'll be taken to the Monthly Cost page, which shows how the patient transitions through different phases of coverage. Click any of the months to see the specific copays and full costs for each medication the patient will fill that month. 

If you're patient is interested in comparing Medicare Advantage (MA-PDP) plans, there are more factors to consider. 

Discuss the plan options with your patient and help them decide on a plan to enroll in!

STEP 5: Help your patient enroll

You can help your patients enroll right online by clicking the "Enroll for 2019" link underneath the name of the plan. 

If your patients don't have time to go through the enrollment process with you, you can print off a plan comparison report and they can do the rest! Click PRINT PREVIEW at the top right of the Monthly Costs page.

Select the information you want to include by using the checkboxes on the top of the printout. Include the "Enroll Online" option so that patients can enroll using Amplicare's patient engagement portal

What's Next?

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