When you log in to Amplicare, you will be greeted with the following screen:

Amplicare integrates with your dispensing software, so you can search for any of your patients right on this homepage/dashboard. Tabs on the left will provide you with your main navigation options:

  1. Your Dashboard is your homepage, the screen above.

  2. Patients: Go here view all of your patients and filter by various attributes to identify certain patient segments (i.e. diabetic patients).

  3. Opportunities: Go here to take action on your patient opportunities to increase your pharmacy's profit and improve patient health.

  4. Campaigns: Go here to create and manage your patient engagement with calls and text messages.

  5. Formulary Lookup: Go here to access Medicare plan information by specific medication.

  6. Amplicare Assist: (if applicable) Go here to set up and manage your workflow automation tool, Assist.

  7. Performance: Go here to see an analysis and general overview of your store performance metrics.

  8. Settings: Go here to access your account information and all settings. If you're logged in with admin credentials, you can access the Admin Panel to run usage reports.

  9. Upgrade Account will provide you with information on how to learn more about additional ways in which Amplicare can help your business.

  10. Help: Go here to access various resources to guide you through your Amplicare journey!

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