Fax Doctors directly

When helping patients with Gap Therapy, you can fax doctors with the click of a button! No printing required.

New campaigns for Amplicare Connect

In Amplicare Connect, you can now turn on First Fill and Slipping Away campaigns!

The First Fill Campaign calls patients who have just filled at your pharmacy for the first time. Record a message in your own voice, welcoming them to their new favorite pharmacy. 

The Slipping Away Campaign identifies patients who haven't filled at your pharmacy recently. Send a message to let them know you care, and remind them why your store is their best choice for filling prescriptions.

Merged Nutrient Depletion Opportunities

Under Amplicare Restore, Nutrient Depletion Opportunities are now bundled by patient, and so are the corresponding printouts. The printouts are interactive and dynamic (and pretty!), presenting information in an easy-to-understand format for patients. Try it out!

Amplicare Assist

Amplicare Assist is now available for pharmacies using PioneerRx or Liberty Software as their pharmacy system vendor! 

We're constantly improving Amplicare Assist, so be sure you have the most recent version installed on your computers. Click here to upgrade, install, or view your stats. We're up to version 3.2.

Smaller improvements

  • Amplicare Connect lets you record a separate message for calls that go to voicemail. 

  • Patients can "Press 1 to call back the pharmacy" when receiving an automated call.

  • Massive backend improvements for Amplicare Connect resulted in bugfixes and smarter timing for determining when to call patients. 

  • Improved integrations with VIP, Liberty, and Abacus.

  • iPad and Android apps updated to reflect the Amplicare visual identity.

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