The Amplicare Restore Nutrient Depletion report is accessible right off your main dashboard.

Make Amplicare Restore Part of Your Workflow

There are some easy ways to incorporate Nutrient Depletion recommendations into your workflow, resulting in benefits for your patients and your entire pharmacy.

If your pharmacy is capable with Amplicare Assist
Downloading Amplicare Assist helps immensely with integrating supplement recommendations directly to your workflow. Personalized recommendations for patients are pushed straight to your fill screen. Print the handout, attach it to the patient's prescription bag, and engage the patient when they pick it up.

If your pharmacy isn't capable with Amplicare Assist,
Have the Amplicare dashboard open. Do a quick search for the patient's name in the report when filling a patient’s prescription, print out the recommendation, and staple it to the outside of their refill bag.

Some other tips and tricks to make sure the Nutrient Depletion report is successful at your pharmacy:

  1. Involve the entire team, from cashiers to techs to pharmacists. Knowledge of the report facilitates the best patient recommendations.
  2. Discuss at Point of Sale, ensuring patients are aware of the recommendation and it's benefits.  
  3. Consider editing your Amplicare Restore letter templates to personalize your patient handouts and make them more effective! An effective message is attention-grabbing and factual. Avoid misleading patients though (by, for example, saying something like "You need to take a supplement"). 

4. Include the coupon when printing a handout. This will encourage the patient to return to your pharmacy to purchase the supplement and hopefully become a repeat customer.

The coupon can be edited to your liking. Collect each returned coupon to keep track of how many handouts convert into a supplement sale.

5. Include Nutrient Depletion in your IVR message so patients who call into your pharmacy have Nutrient Depletion on their minds when they reach your staff.

6. Include in regularly scheduled consultations with patients, including MTM and Part D consultations.

7. Document Responses in the patient’s Amplicare profile to ensure appropriate follow up during their next refill.  

8. Remind patient to refill supplement every month. When a supplement is purchased, enter the supplement as an Rx in your pharmacy system and mark the Amplicare Opportunity as complete. This will remind you when the supplement needs to be refilled.

Best practices for utilizing the report include:

  • Sort by last refill, identifying the most out of date patients first.
  • Filter by Call Status and Printed Handout Status to identify patients you haven't contacted yet.
  • Filter by Severity to identify patients likely experiencing the most intense side effects who would benefit most from the recommendation.
  • Include notes in the patient profile to ensure other staff members are aware of the status of the recommendation and you can follow up with the patient accordingly.

What’s Next?

You’re a pro! If you have any more questions, you can watch this useful training video, schedule a 1-on-1 consult her, or give us a call at 704-769-0540 ext. 1!

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