Setting up automated calls is as easy as these two steps:

  1. Record a voice message

  2. Activate the campaign

Once those steps are taken, follow these best practices to ensure the calls are effective:

  • Keep the Message History page open on all pharmacy computers and educate your staff on what to expect. An automated call is successful if it prompts the patient to call back the pharmacy. Your staff must be prepared for these call-backs and the Message History report preps them for any question thrown at them!

  • If you have Amplicare Assist, be sure the latest version is downloaded on all computers. This way, you don't even need to keep the Message History page open. Simply click the Amplicare icon on your tool bar and select Message History - no login needed! It will look something like this:

  • Create a standard process for your staff to note when patients call back after receiving an automated call. This can easily be done by selecting View Profile right from the Message History page. 

Search the patient's name, click the call to expand more info, and select View Patient Profile:

View the activity feed in Notes:

What's Next?

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