Now that you've gotten started with Amplicare Connect, you may be wondering where to go to see your campaigns call history or view scheduled calls.

In order to save you time and avoid confusion, we created a report for that! You can access this all from in your message history. Simply hover your mouse over Campaigns and click Message History.

This will bring you to a page listing all of the calls that have gone out. 

You can also access message history from the Manage Campaigns page! Simply click on Manage Campaigns" and click on a campaign and this will take your to Message History.

If you click on a call, it will show you more details about the call: 

From this page, you can go directly to the customer's Patient Profile to access more information.

You can also see the calls scheduled for the day by going over to "scheduled calls" and cancel calls if necessary.

Now that you have a better understanding of how the Message History page works, you can quickly access information when your customers call back. This should improve your workflow and allow staff members to easily access information on why a call went out. 

What's Next?

Notice why some calls or text messages may not have gone out? Check out this article to review the rules for sending out messages with Connect!

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