To set up your automated phone call campaigns:

Log into your Amplicare account and head to Campaigns > Create New Campaign

Select a campaign to activate

Clinical Refill Reminders

Make sure your patients refill their medication! This campaign will reach out to patients who have a refill that's past due by at least three days, reminding them to request their refill(s).  

There's additional criteria in order for a patient to qualify for a "refill reminder". Learn more about these rules. 

Happy Birthday

This campaign will reach out to patients on their birthdays. Show that your pharmacy is truly a supportive, caring part of your community by wishing your patients a happy birthday on their special day! Elderly patients especially appreciate this touch-point.

First Fill Customers

This campaign is targeted to patients who fill at your pharmacy for the first time. Activate this campaign to welcome your new patients to your pharmacy and boost customer loyalty. 

Slipping Away

This campaign will call patients who have not filled at your pharmacy in four to six months. Every patient matters! Activate this campaign to win back patients who may be slipping away.

Choose campaign attributes

Campaign type, time interval, and message content.

  • Select the medium for your message! Your options are: "Text message with phone call fallback", "text message only", or "phone call only".

  • Select the time interval in which you'd like the messages to be delivered during.

  • Review our sample scripts for assistance with creating your voices messages and/or text message content. 

Learn more best practices for your campaign customization options.

Set campaign live

Once all customization fields are completed, you can "SET IT LIVE"!

As long as the campaign is activated, the calls/texts will continue to be scheduled automatically to any patient that matches the criteria for the campaign at any point in the future. 

What's Next?

Learn best practices to ensure your automated campaigns are successful!

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