iMedicare has rebranded to Amplicare. This change reflects our dedication to helping pharmacies and patients however we can. Having brought transparency to Medicare Part D -- shining a light on DIR fees, varying reimbursements, and mail order networks -- the Amplicare team has expanded beyond just Medicare. You can read more about the decision here. In the midst of an evolving industry, we'll continue to automate decision-making processes and find win-win opportunities benefiting you and your patients.

The Amplicare platform offers 5 products at launch. 

  • iMedicare is, of course, one of these products, and remains the leading Medicare Part D plan comparison tool on the market.

  • Amplicare Impact offers a solution for performance measures -- identifying patient opportunities that increase your Star Rating while lowering your DIR fees.

  • Amplicare Restore diversifies your revenue stream by proactively recognizing which patients' would benefit from OTC solutions tailored to their needs.

  • Amplicare Connect is a brand new product that closes the distance between you and your customers, scheduling automated campaigns to increase patient adherence and loyalty.

  • Amplicare Assist (formerly "Live Integration") puts patient notifications into your pharmacy system, so you win-win opportunities aren't lost in dashboards and reports. Amplicare Assist is not available with all software vendors; read more here.

Bigger Improvements

What's the status of this opportunity?

To help you focus energy where it counts, opportunities are segmented by their status. Look through opportunities in review, determine the effectiveness of completed actions, or pull something out of the archive. When viewing individual opportunities, you'll clearly see which actions have been or need to be taken.

Faxing prescriptions

When faxing printing a fax for physicians, you can include a prescription. If you select this option once, we'll leave it checked for all patients until you deselect it. Best of all, our template meets most state requirements in the U.S. 

Amplicare Assist 3.0

There's a new version of Amplicare Assist, so be sure to upgrade! This version introduces compatibility with Pioneer, and includes a desktop menu with shortcuts to change settings, upgrade, and view notification history. 


Smaller Improvements

  • You can add medications to faxes on the preview screen

  • Additional filters to Amplicare Impact reports

  • A "5 Star Plan" option as added to the enrollment form

  • While editing eligibility handouts, you can select how many plans to preview

  • You can now edit the MedSync portions of letters

  • Minor bug fixes

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