If you're receiving too many notifications in your pharmacy system and want to focus on certain opportunities, customizing Amplicare Assist will help streamline your workflow and promote your pharmacy's services effectively.

To begin, log in to your Amplicare account and follow these steps:

  1. Hover over "Settings" on the left side menu and click "Assist Settings".

  2. This should be the page you see for Amplicare Assist.

From here you have several options for customization.

Deactivate low priority opportunity types

You can select which types of opportunities to see in your pharmacy system by toggling to “active.” Generally, we recommend activating all available opportunities. 

However, if you’re just getting started or if you’re an extremely busy pharmacy, it’s helpful to provide your pharmacy with focus (you don’t want to overwhelm your staff!). Consider activating only the top priority opportunities based on your pharmacy’s needs. We highly recommend that the “DIR Impact” opportunities always remain active.

Note: Each set of notifications come with a certain subscription, so if you see "upgrade subscription" on this page, that means your store does not have the subscription to view those opportunities.

Change where the notifications are displayed on the screen

You can also customize where your notifications appear in your pharmacy system. If the notifications are covering information on the screen, choose a different positioning. 

Adjust when notifications will automatically disappear 

You have the option to automatically hide notifications if an action isn’t taken within a set amount of time. The default setting is 30 seconds, but you can select a higher or lower amount of time depending on your preference. 

Adjust the time limit between notifications

Another option is to choose a time limit for when a notification appears after the most previous notification was displayed. The default setting is a 5 minute interval.

Adjust the time limit between dismissed notifications

You can also select the time limit for when you want to see another notification displayed after a notification is dismissed. The default time interval is 25 minutes, assuming that if a notification is dismissed it means the pharmacy is quite busy.

Choose what opportunities are displayed for notifications

You can decide what opportunities you want to pop-up:
Top Opportunities - you will receive notifications for "top" opportunities, where we use an algorithm to identify these in terms of their likelihood to be completed
All Opportunities - you will receive notifications for all opportunities

Activate or deactivate the snooze widget that comes up on screen

You must have the upgraded version of Amplicare Assist in order to adjust these settings. You can always download the newest version
here (it's free).  

What's Next?

Read this article for a better understanding of the types of notifications you can receive in your pharmacy system with Amplicare Assist!


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