Pharmacies are being evaluated on several different performance measurements - measurements initially put in place by the CMS to evaluate plan performance and are now unfairly being pushed upon the pharmacy to do the legwork...

But, let's look at the positives! More responsibility means more opportunity. Certain clinical interventions that pharmacies are being evaluated on, if successfully addressed, yield additional filled scripts for the pharmacy, as well as improved patient health outcomes. Focusing your efforts on the following performance measures is crucial for the success of your pharmacy and the well-being of your patients.

Statins and ACE/ARB's Gap Therapy

Patient Awareness

First, educate your patients by mailing them a letter or printing a handout for when they stop by the pharmacy to pick up their medications. Awareness is the first barrier!

"Statins are simultaneously capable of producing more than one benefit. Their positive effects go beyond lowering cholesterol, which is why they are strongly advised for all diabetic individuals. Diabetes alone is a significant risk factor for heart disease.

In most cases, if you have diabetes you should be taking a statin -- even if you have normal cholesterol and blood pressure, do not smoke, and have no history of heart disease."  - Gap Therapy Statin Patient Handout

While the Gap Therapy Statin report will directly affect your DIR, the Gap Therapy ACE/ARB is an additional touch-point with your patients that you can leverage to go that extra mile!

Coordinated Care

Coordinate the patient's care with their doctor. Fax the patient's doctor a letter, encouraging them to review their drug list and consider prescribing a statin. Communication is key.

"Please evaluate whether this patient is a good candidate to have a statin added to their drug regimen."  - Gap Therapy Statin Doctor Fax

Medication Adherence

Identify the Source of the Problem

Medication adherence is a complex issue that has several contributing factors. The first step with tackling this beast is to seek to understand the underlying problem for each of your patients before attempting a solution. Give open arms and an open ear to your patients that have low adherence - let them know you're there to help. 

"If you are experiencing side effects, can't afford your copays, or have a hard time remembering to take your medication, we can help." - Low Adherence Patient Handout 

Leverage MedSync

Many contributions to low adherence can be addressed with medication synchronization, which is why MedSync is so prevalent among pharmacies as a top priority initiative. Include a MedSync enroll form in your patient communications - an easy and effective way to increase enrollments, improve adherence, and increase script volume. 

Communicate Consistently

Address the low hanging fruit to improve adherence, by implementing automated refill reminders. You can still keep a personal touch because messages will be recorded in your own voice. Many times patients simply need a friendly reminder to refill their medications!  Amplicare will keep track of the last time you printed a handout for your patient, you can remind them every 30 days!

What's Next?

Learn more on how to utilize the adherence report to boost pharmacy metrics and decrease DIR fees!

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