Automated Calls

If there are patients that want to opt-out from automated calls, you have two options. Patients can opt-out on their own or you can add them to your "Opt-out List". Here's how:

Patients: all calls that do not go to a patient's voicemail will offer the option to press the 2 key to opt-out of automated calls from your pharmacy. 

Pharmacy: Amplicare Connect => Opt-Out List

This will bring you to the Opt-Out List within Amplicare Connect.

At the top right is the Add Patient tab.

Clicking that blue tab brings you to this screen where you can manually input a patients name:

Toggle the 'opt out' tab so it highlights in blue:

Click "Remove" to remove them from the list.

Text Messages

If there are patients that want to opt-out from text messages, they can do that on their own! Once they receive a text message, there will also be instructions on how they can opt-out.

All they have to do is type 'STOP' to opt out of receiving text messages! If they want to opt back in to receive text messages, they can do so by typing 'unstop'.

What's Next?

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