Amplicare Assist (currently only available for Rx30, ComputerRx, Pioneer, QS1 NRx, and Liberty customers) intelligently sends real-time notifications of patient-specific opportunities as you're working in your pharmacy system. We'll also let you know if the opportunity directly impacts your DIR fees. This is what you'll see as you check/fill prescriptions and what you need to do to take action: 

  • Low Adherence: Review the patient's drug list and print a patient educational handout, with the option to include a Medsync enroll form.
  • Gap Therapy: Statin: Print a patient educational handout or fax a letter to the doctor.
  • Eligible to Enroll: Print a "newly eligible" letter for the patient.
  • Gap Therapy: ACE/ARB: Print a patient educational handout and fax a letter to the doctor.
  • Amplicare Restore (if applicable): Print a patient educational handout.

These actions require very minimal time and fit seamlessly into your pharmacy's workflow. Patient letters that are printed can be stuffed right in the patient's prescription bag! I suggest you print this guide, so that all staff members understand how to address these notifications.

Click here to learn more about why Amplicare Assist is important for your pharmacy and here for detailed set up instructions.

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