• Amplicare Assist is currently compatible with ComputerRx, Liberty, Pioneer, QS1 NRx, and Rx30 pharmacy systems. 
  • Amplicare Assist can only be installed on a Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 computer. It is NOT compatible with iOS or Linux. Click here to check what operating system your computer has.
  • Amplicare Assist should be installed on all computers that are used to check/fill prescriptions - it only sends you notifications in your pharmacy system

Use this video as a reference if you need guidance downloading Amplicare Assist

How it works:

Amplicare Assist is a tool that identifies patients in your pharmacy system with beneficial opportunities, and streamlines the workflow to address those opportunities. While checking/filling prescriptions, it will notify you if a patient would benefit from a: 

Set up:

  1. Run the file (once it downloads).
  2. Follow the installation steps to "Run" the download. If you chose to "Save", you must go to your Downloads folder and double click the .exe file to begin the install. 
  3. Click through the steps until you're prompted for username and password. Enter your store-specific login credentials.
  4. Download and install on all computers that are used by pharmacists/technicians throughout the day.
  5. Print this guide to help train and educate your staff members on how to utilize the tool.


  • If there are any errors during the installation or if you suspect the notifications are not appearing as intended, please contact
  • You will only receive notifications for the products your pharmacy is subscribed with. To learn more about our additional products, please contact 
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