Have some of your patients come to you with letters stating that they cannot deduct their Medicare Part D premiums from their Social Security check, or with vouchers directing them to send in payments, even though you selected this option when helping your patients enroll?

What Happened? 

According to the CMS it is likely that your patients' new 2019 plans have not had the time to organize Social Security Deductions yet, and this is usually due to the date in which your patient enrolled. The later into Open Enrollment the patient submitted his/her enrollment application the more likely it is that they will receive this letter or voucher. 

Once the patients' coverage starts they may be able to elect to have their premiums deducted from their Social Security check, but it can take up to THREE months for a plan to process this premium change. Until this goes through your patients will be asked to pay for their premiums through other means. 

You can also advise your patient to submit a Request for Reconsideration to Social Security (and select "Appeal Other Decision rather than "Appeal Medical Decision"). 

What's Next? 

Now you can explain to your patients why they are not able to deduct their premium payment from Social Security! 

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